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    Become a member of and you can download five free ebooks He sets off for Thailand to find 'White Magic and a Healing Monk who will help. CLICK ON THE COVER IMAGE to download your free file to read more of the secrets of White Magic. The Secret Science of White. Anonymous - White Magic Spells ( Kb) The book "White Magic Spells", written by an anonymous author, contains a collection All Anonymous eBooks.

    This is the thread of consciousness, evolving in man through the efforts of the soul to contact and control its personality equipment; and evolving within the planet as the centre Hierarchy becomes increasingly able to impress the Plan on the minds of men. This book, therefore, contains the Fifteen Rules for Magic, and for soul control, based on these words in the Bhagavad-Gita: "Though I am Unborn, the Soul that passes not away, though I am the Lord of Being, yet as Lord over My nature I become manifest, through the magical power of the Soul. It evades the analytical concrete mind: it reveals its true self to the illumined mind fused with the open heart, seeking not to grasp and to hold for personal progress, but to wield the magical power in service. The power of the soul is always available to the one who seeks, as an aspirant to accepted discipleship, to become of practical service in his own peculiar times, state and environment. The teaching in this book is based on four fundamental postulates which will: 1. Teach the laws of spiritual psychology as distinguished from mental and emotional psychology. Make clear the nature of the soul of man and its systemic and cosmic relationships.

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    White magic; a novel

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    Tacitus does not frighten us by telling us that witches used to meet at salt springs Ann. But when the Council of Ancyra, in the fifth century, fulminates its edicts against women riding at night upon weird animals in company with Diana and Herodias, the strange combination of names and the dread penalties threatened, make us almost think of witches as of real and most marvelous beings.

    And when wise councillors of French Parliaments and gray dignitaries of the Holy German Empire sit in judgment over a handful of poor old women, when great English bishops and zealous New England divines condemn little children to death, because they have made pacts with the Devil, attended his sabbaths, and bewitched their peaceful neighbors—then we stand amazed at the delusions, to which the wisest and best among us are liable.

    Christianity, it is true, shed for a time such a bright light over the earth, that the works of darkness were abhorred and the power of the Evil One seemed to be broken, according to the sacred promises that the seed of woman should bruise the serpent's head.

    Thus Charlemagne, in his fierce edict issued after the defeat of the Saxons, ordered that death should be inflicted on all who after pagan manner gave way to devilish delusions, and believed that men or women could be witches, persecuted and killed them; or, even went so far as to consume their flesh and give it to others for like purposes!

    But almost at the same time the belief in the Devil, distinctly maintained in Holy Writ, spread far and wide, and as early as the fourth century diseases were ascribed not to organic causes, but to demoniac influences, and the Devil was once more seen bodily walking to and fro on the earth, accompanied by a host of smaller demons. It was but rarely that a truly enlightened man dared to combat the universal superstition.

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    Thus Agobard, archbishop of Lyons, shines like a bright star on the dark sky of the ninth century by his open denunciation of all belief in possession, in the control of the weather or the decision of difficulties by ordeal. For like reasons we ought to revere the memory of John of Salisbury, who in the twelfth century declared the stories of nightly assemblies of witches, with all their attending circumstances, to be mere delusions of poor women and simple men, who fancied they saw bodily what existed only in their imagination.

    The Church hesitated, now requiring her children to believe in a Devil and demons, and now denouncing all faith in supernatural beings. The thirteenth century, by Leibnitz called the darkest of all, developed the worship of the Evil One to its fullest perfection; the writings of St. Augustine were quoted as confirming the fact that demons and men could and did intermarry, and the Djinns of the East were mentioned as spirits who "sought the daughters of men for wives.

    He represented them as organised—after the prevailing fashion of the day—in a regular guild, with apprentices, companions, and masters, who practised a special art for a definite purpose.