php function pdfEncrypt ($origFile, $password, $destFile){ //include the FPDI protection . Otherwise encryption is done in PHP, which can increase the processing time significantly was my working sample of how to * * implement protection in pdf. Check bellow the solution I found for on the fly protecting a PDF file in PHP. For resolving this problem I wanted a FREE library. Download the.

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    Protect Pdf From Php

    The protect function handles importing each page from your source PDF ( specified as $file). The output function then return the new generated. a small amount of money to secure the future of this website. It appears that PDF. alt: example_pdf. Source Code. alt: example_php. The code only seemed to work for PDF (Acrobat 3.x) or below. This pdfExtractText function uses regular expressions to cover cases I have found in PDF

    In a recent project, I was asked to modify uploaded PDFs to dynamically insert a user specified password to keep files secure. This tutorial shows how this can be done. Using Composer or by other means , you first need to install the following libraries from Setasign:. Below are various examples of how the dynamically generated PDF can be handled, e. The following output types are available via FPDF library:. Wrapping the above examples in a try.. The above example lines shows how compression errors can be caught and handled gracefully. If this or any of my other tutorials have helped you, please considering supporting me via Patron:. Become a Patron! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Prerequisites Using Composer or by other means , you first need to install the following libraries from Setasign:

    Dynamically Adding Passwords to PDFs using PHP

    I need a pdf reader class What is the best PHP pdf to html class? May Number 7 Prize: One downloadable e-book of choice by O'Reilly Many Web applications need to deal with PDF documents and their contents for instance to search for particular text.

    However, the PDF format is not easy to analyse and it contains complex structures and often compressed binary data. Manuel Lemos. Christian Vigh. France Age: It's pretty simple to use: You could say for example: Goto coordinates x,y. Render text "Mail: Goto next line. Goto x1,y.

    Render text "Mail". Goto x2, y. Render text ": Goto x3, y. Render text "someone somewhere. This is why the PdfToText class tracks the following information from the drawing-instruction stream to provide more accurate text rendering even if the output is only pure text: The currently selected font is tracked.

    This is important because: Although approximative, this works in a great majority of cases If multiple strings are rendered using identical y-coordinate, they will be grouped onto the same line. Retrieve form data as a standalone object, using the GetFormData method. Unwanted line breaks may occur within text lines. This is due to the fact that the pdf file contains drawing instructions that use relative positioning. This is especially true for file created with generators such as PdfCreator.

    However, some provisions have been made to try to track put text with roughly the same y-coordinates onto the same line.

    In the current version, decryption of password-protected files is not yet supported. The array values can take several forms: A character An integer value An array of up to four character or integer values.

    Internally, every specified value is converted to an array of four integer values, one for each of the standard Adobe character sets Standard, Mac, WinAnsi and PDF. The following rules apply: Page numbers start from 1. Imagine you have documents that have the same structure, all starting with an "Introduction" title: Some other title By calling the MarkTextLike method such as in the example below: The parameters are the following: A regular expression to match the text to be matched.

    Markers to surround the string when a match is found. They operate on the text contents of the pdf file Text property They return an array containing the page number and text offset.

    String to be searched. Start offset in the pdf text contents. When true, the returned value will be an associative array whose keys will be page numbers and values arrays of offset of the found string within the page When false, the returned value will be an array of arrays containing two entries: For example, if a pdf document contains the string "here" at character offset and in page 1, and position in page 3, the returned value will be: Indicates whether the found offsets should be grouped by page number or not.

    Regular expression to be searched. Output captures. PCRE flags. Start offset. Author Author name, as inscribed in the PDF file. BlockSeparator A string to be used for separating chunks of text. The default value is the empty string. CreatorApplication Application used to create the original document.

    EncryptionAlgorithm Algorithm used for password-protected files. The Adobe documentation states: A code specifying the algorithm to be used in encrypting and decrypting the document: An alternate algorithm that is undocumented and no longer supported, and whose use is strongly discouraged.

    Algorithm 3. An unpublished algorithm allowing key lengths up to bits. This algorithm is unpublished as an export requirement of the U. Department of Commerce.

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    EncryptionAlgorithmRevision The revision number of the Standard security handler that is required to interpret this dictionary. The revision number is: EncryptMetadata A flag coming from a password-protected file that says is the document metadata is also encrypted. EOL The string to be used for line breaks. ExtraTextWidth This property is expressed in percents ; it gives the extra percentage to add to the values computed by the PdfTexterFont:: Filename Name of the file whose text contents have been extracted.

    ID, ID2 A pair of unique ids generated for the document. The second id is not clearly described in the Pdf specifications.

    It can contain the following print -like formats: Replaced by the directory where the input PDF file resides. Replaced by the filename part without suffix of the input PDF file.

    How to protect my PDF file to registered members only? - PHP - The SitePoint Forums

    Replaced by the suffix appropriate to the image format given by the ImageAutoSaveFormat property. Replaced by a sequential value, starting from 1, which gives the image number. The default value for this property is: For example, the following template using the same example PDF file as above: It can be any of the constants defined by the gd library regarding image formats: Images An array of objects inheriting from the PdfImage class.

    The class currently supports the following properties: The following methods are available: Saves the current image to the specified output file, using the specified file format one of the predefined PHP constants: Echoes the image contents to the standard output.

    ImageData An array of associative arrays that contain the following entries: Image type. Can be one of the following: Jpeg image type. Note that in the current version, only jpeg images are processed. Raw image data. IsEncrypted This property is set to true if the Pdf file is encrypted through some kind of password protection scheme.

    Keywords Keywords, as recorded in the author information part. MaxExecutionTime Specifies a maximum execution time in seconds for processing a single file. MaxExtractedImages Maximum number of images to be extracted. MaxSelectedPages Maximum number of pages to be selected. Options A combination of the following flags: Sometimes, groups of characters are separated by an integer value, which specifies the offset to subtract to the current position before drawing the next group of characters.

    This quantity is expressed in thousands of "text units". The PdfToText class considers that if this value is less than , then the string specified by the Separator property needs to be appended to the result before the next group of characters.

    Store image data from the Pdf file to the ImageData array property. Decode image data and put it in the Images array property. The ImageAutoSaveFormat property will define the image format to be used when generating the image files. Note that the Images property will be left empty. This flag has been introduced to save internal memory if you only need to extract images. This option must be used when you notice that an unnecessary amount of empty lines are inserted between two text elements.

    This is the symptom that the pdf file contains only relative positioning instructions combined with big values of text leading instructions. Renders the text as it comes from the PDF file. This may sometimes lead to out-of-order text or strings concatenated in an inappropriate way, but this option is to be preferred if you only need to index contents or focus on performance.

    This is the default option. The following text for example: Company1 Company2 address1 address2 city1 city2 will be rendered as: Company1 Company2 address1 address2 city1 city2 or, if you set the BlockSeparator property to " ", the output will be: For example, the following text: If the time taken to process a single file may risk to take more time than the value in seconds defined for this property, a PdfToTextTimeout exception will be thrown before PHP tries to terminate the script execution.

    If the time taken to process all PDF files since the start of the script may risk to take more time than the value in seconds defined for this property, a PdfToTextTimeout exception will be thrown before PHP tries to terminate the script execution.

    Shows the graphics coordinates before each part of text in the output. This option is useful if you want to define capture areas. Enables capturing areas of text based on an XML definition file or string. Default value. No special processing flags apply. Pages Associative array containing individual page contents. PageSeparator String to be used when building the Text property to separate individual pages.

    Separator A string to be used for separating blocks when a negative offset less than thousands of characters is specified between two sequences of characters specified as an array notation.

    Example 016 : document encryption

    The default value is a space. Subject Subject written in the author information part. Statistics An associative array that contains the following entries: Contains the total size in bytes represented by the Postscript-like instructions that draw the document contents 'OptimizedTextSize': Not all Postscript-like instructions for drawing page contents are significant ; since the parsing is done in pure PHP, it is very slow.

    This entry gives the total size of the data that will be effectively parsed after removing the useless instructions. Text A string containing the whole text extracted from the underlying pdf file.

    Title Document title, as specified in the author information object. Utf8Placeholder When a Unicode character cannot be correctly recognized, the Utf8Placeholder property will be used as a substitution. It can be a combination of any of the following flags: Exceptions The PdfToText class can throw any of the following exceptions: Form data extraction Extracting form data is fairly simple: You have two ways to retrieve form data: Either by supplying an XML template, that maps actual form field names to more readable names.

    It provides additional features such as the ability of grouping field values together Or by relying on the default behavior, which will return the form field names as they are defined in the PDF file.

    It has been taken from a very common form used in the US, located here: Getting form data with a template Using an XML template does not require many changes to your existing code ; you just need to supply the path of your XML template when calling the GetFormData method: In the original form, the social security number is divided into three parts: Now, this is time to have a look at what is a template.

    This is described in the next section. A typical form template Here is the typical form that has been designed to extract form data from our sample PDF file: Currently, the following are implemented: Download the library used: The results are in! See what nearly 90, developers picked as their most loved, dreaded, and desired coding languages and more in the Developer Survey. How to password protect an uploaded pdf in PHP I have a web app where users can upload pdf documents.

    Favourite Onwuemene Favourite Onwuemene 2, 7 21 Do you wanna password-protect just the web-access to the file or the actual file? First google result for "How to password protect pdf in PHP": I want to password the file itself.

    Rob 6, 2 47 How about " invoices. Smudge Smudge Sam has the answer. Also put them in a directory with. Authname Private AuthType basic require user noadmittance That will keep out direct access if they know the url. Charlie Charlie 2. Because of your suggestion I just had another idea: I put all the invoices outside of the www folder.

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