Peshawar Nights audience, the editing and digitization process of this book ( carried out by the DILP Team) has revealed issues in the quality of translation. Peshawar Nights: Shia Islam in Sunni Traditions and millions of other books . in a book in Persian, published in Teheran as Shabhaye-Peshawar, or Peshawar. Peshawar Nights is a written down firsthand account by Sultanu'l-Wa'izin Shirazi It recounts a four reporters and published in the newspapers daily, was published in book form in Teheran and soon became a classic authority in the East.

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    Peshawar Nights Book

    Peshawar Nights Part - 1 book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. This book is one of the many Islamic publications. The author refers to himself throughout the book as "Da'i," that is, one who prays for or invokes a blessing upon someone, translated here as "Well-Wisher. The following is a translation of that book. IdentifierPeshawarNights. Identifier-ark ark://t43r OcrABBYY FineReader Ppi

    Transcript of dialogues between Sunni scholars and Shi'i author, about major topics relating to Shi'ism including the death of the Prophet s , successorship, companions, infallibility, Muta' temporary marriage , and the family of the Prophet. Includes a search facility. Skip to main content. View this page in our App. View View. Table of Contents. Peshawar Nights. Author s: Publisher s: Ansariyan Publications - Qum. Translator s: Hamid Quinlan. Charles Ali Campbell.

    Most of his references lack volume and page numbers. This shows that he did not have access to these works, and was merely quoting them from secondary, unnamed sources.

    A substantial number of them refer to books that have been completely missing for ce, and of which nothing is known besides their titles. No quotation can be presented as an authoritative argument if its authenticity has not satisfactorily been accounted for.

    The key word here is authenticity. No hadith is authentic simply for the reason of it being documented in a book. No person possessed of a sense fairness can fail to see the double standards of him who complains when unauthentic quotations from his own legacy are used against him, but freely quotes from the literature of his opponents without bothering to secure the authenticity of what he quotes. In the following pages I will survey the sources of Sunni hadith cited by Shirazi.

    The sources from which he cites Sunni hadith may be classified under three headings: 1 primary sources 2 secondary sources 3 obscure sources. Primary sources Hadith books in this category are characterized by the fact that they utilize isnads chains of narration for their material.

    The narrated material in any collection utilizing isnads is as a rule only as good as the isnad. In Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim we have a unique case, in that these two authors have applied a rigorous set of criteria to the ahadith which they admitted into their collections.

    The ahadith in the Sahihayn are therefore all authentic, not simply for the fact that they appear in those books, but because they conform to the criteria of authenticity stipulated by al-Bukhari and Muslim.

    Books besides the Sahihayn are all subject to scrutiny of their isnads to determine to what extent they conform to the criteria of authenticity. There never has been a claim, neither by the authors of these works, nor by anyone else, that these works incorporate exclusively authentic material. Indiscriminate quoting from these works would therefore only occur if a person suffers from one of two defects: ignorance of the science of hadith; or a Machiavellian attitude of the end—in this case the conversion of the Ahl as-Sunnah—justifying the means.

    Either of these defects is sufficient to disqualify anyone as an objective polemicist. Secondary sources Books in this category do not use isnads. Instead, they reproduce the texts of hadith from the primary sources, and give a reference to the source from they have taken it. Since the hadith collections in this category basically draw from the previous category, the same is applicable to it in terms of authenticity as was stated for the primary sources.

    Peshawar Nights

    In fact, when quoting from such secondary sources, the onus to prove authenticity is even greater. One wonders how someone who displays such an astonishing lack of proficiency in hadith could be bold enough to present himself as an erudite scholar. This list is by no means exhausitive. These titles are mentioned merely by way of example. Whatever you think or say is never right, or there is something deficient in it, and whatever the writer Shirazi, the author , says is the ultimate, since he seems to know everything!

    It would seem like you are learning something entirely new about Islam, for example, oh by the way, you may as well forget about that fundamental doctrine of five daily prayers since, according to the author, after presenting his lengthy and flawed arguments, It is perfectly legal to pray just three times a day. So, this is just the first shock you get…next, your attention is brought to your long held belief that all those companions and the later generation, that you have taken as your role models — are actually flawed individuals — flawed in judgement, devious in their actions or even betrayers of religion — is something that simply is too shocking to absorb — those revered companions of the holy Prophet, the like of Abu Bakar, Umar, Abu Hurayrah, Aisyah etc.

    As if this is not enough, he added a new dogma in your understanding of the rules in religion — criticising the companions is a perfectly acceptable game, to whatever extend you like because they are just ordinary humans. Would you fall for a religion blessed with the greatest Prophet, who left behind just 4 of his faithful followers while the rest became apostates?

    In fact they have started to disobey the Prophet while he was still alive, at his death bed Pen and paper incident.. So, beware if you meet anyone who claim to be Ahlul Bait, their family chain should go back as far as Imam Ali, the one and only one. The virtues — or superiority of Imam Ali — above all the companions — he is the only infallible one. In fact Ali was regarded or so, in this narration, he regarded himself — better than Prophets — Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim etc…Well, it no longer a matter of secret since one of their greatest scholars of the Twelver Shia — Imam Khomeini — did say in his book — that all the 12 Imams have special positions — well above the Prophets and angels!

    While a number of those narrations regarding the virtues of Ali were not completely untrue — then came a barrage of narratives mentioning the fallibility or flaws of those companions of the Prophet — especially Umar may Allah be pleased with him — everything about Umar was wrong — Umar who did not know of Fiqh, even tayammum substitute of ablution with dust , or Umar who frequently disobeyed or criticised the Prophet. You are gasping, panting, and your heart is racing tachycardia is the word — in disbelief — but this is all this book about.

    Wait, you want to dispute his facts — no way, it is safer to shut up — since this exceptionally talented scholar is capable of reproducing, right in front of you, every remote evidence to refute your arguments. Well, a sinful person could be, even so, he is not the only one among those caliphs who behaved so. Bad news, if you are a sunni… An exhaustive account indeed. There are many books, even one that ridicule Islam, that I could read with patience, follow the arguments and try to understand the points.

    However, Peshawar Nights is something else. Its just an indoctrination — in a glance, you may think that the contents is intellectual and the arguments are logical — but anyone with little understanding of Islam will quickly realise how ridiculous this book is. Anything — any person, objects, places that have to do with Sunni is bad — what not, if a highly respectful personality like Abu Bakar — whom Muslims regard as the best companion of the Prophet — they can freely label as rebellious — then there is no surprise that the book goes on firing any individual who defends the doctrine of sunni.

    A good Muslim, whose heart is filled with love to all his or her Muslim brethren, proud with the history of Islam, the accomplishment of the Prophet and his glorious companions, admired the leadership of long lasting Islamic empirers, has high respect to the Islamic scholarship of the four Imams of Fiqh, the Imams of hadith etc.

    Then he or she went on to read this Shirazi book. He will now have millions of enemies, present and the past. No glorious empires of Islam — what is left, is the Imamate, and the Imamate and its people. His or her heart will also be filled with a lot of doubt and enmity, since good pious Muslims like Bukhary, Muslim, AsShafie, Ahmad Ibn Hambal, Abu Hanifah — are no longer trustworthy people in his or her life…the only trusted people are those who defend the Imamate.

    Peshawar Nights – A fiction or propaganda?

    The rest, are not worth considering… On the contrary, anything that has to do with Shia is good. The early companions four!

    They are treated as faultless. So, what is the position of a Sunni in the eye of Shia. To be blunt, they are the deviated, misguided ones, he short of declaring them infidel subtly likened the sunni as the rebellious followers of Jesus Isa a. He then further argued since Ibrahim is Imam, and all the 12 Imams are Imams — then they must have similar position of superiority than general Propethood! The author stated that this is an indication that Imamate is a special title that only Allah has the exclusive authority to grant to whomever He wishes.

    Therefore the 12 Shia Imams are specially chosen by Allah to be the guidance to humankind. The author succinctly elucidated the point that human being need to have continuous guidance, otherwise they will soon deviate from the right path once their Prophet died.

    Look at the case of Moses, and Ibrahim above…Nuh, Jesus …. Therefore he argued, Imams are selected by God in order to continue the tradition of the Prophet, to provide the people with a holy Guidance all the time. Hmmm I wonder, since the 12th.

    Imam has disappeared, are we all now left without guidance — surely God has not forgotten us…err furthermore, if the presence of Imam is assumed to be required physically to ensure the people are guided, then you will need more than one Imam at a time, in this vast world.

    Haha, you may brush aside this argument coz you said that the whole world is a global village now that whatever a person say in one place can be transmitted to the whole world within seconds.

    If we were to make a presumption that the Imamate that Shia advocate conformed to this Mujaddid concept, then there would surely be more than twelve Imams already, since, it has been years from the death of the Prophet s. However, Shia Imamate is supposed to closely follow one another, without gap — in order to fulfill the above theory — therefore if by the Imamate theory of the need of Imam for every generation, succession of more than 20 Imams not 12 are required to maintain this religion.

    Islam — a religion of mercy and blessings to the universe This is what a Muslim believe.

    Peshawar Nights Part - 2 : Sultanu'l-Wa'izin Shirazi - Xk :

    But not Shia. They believe that this religion, its leadership is exclusive to a small group of people.

    The 12 Imams, some ie four righteous companions of Prophet — the rest are followers. It is so because they have made Imamate as one of the pillars of religion. All ahlul Bait the members which they define according to their own whim are the special people so are their descendents and so on. In addition, For a complete list of our published books please refer to our website www. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

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