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Module Name, Download, Description, Download Size. Introduction, Lecture Notes-Introduction, PDF, kb. Atomic Structure,Interatomic Bonding and. Lecture Notes (40); Assignments. Module Name, Download, Description, Download Size. Introduction, Introduction and Course Outline, PDF, kb. Introduction Data Communication Fundamentals, Data and Signal, PDF, kb. Downloads. Lecture Notes (44); Assignments; Others (1) Multi-core: The Ultimate Dose of Moore's Law,, pdf of lecture1, kb. Multi-core: The.

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Nptel Pdf Notes

Module-1 Real Numbers, Functions, Sequences of reals, Lecture 1: Real Numbers, Functions [ Section Real Numbers ], Lecture Notes -pdf, kb. Have you tried this link I found it to contain some information where you have a mail ID where you may contact and ask for them. Phase transformations and heat treatment: NPTEL course notes on the web. Article (PDF Available) · January with Reads. Cite this.

Course Co-ordinated by: IIT Bombay. Course Available from: Real Numbers, Functions [ Section 1. Approximating Integral: Definition of the power function and logarithmic function with positive base Lecture Notes kb Module-7 Applications of Integration - I Lecture Continuity of scaler fields Lecture Notes kb Module Partial derivatives, Chain rules, Implicit differentiation, Directional derivatives Lecture Orienting the boundary of an orientable surface Lecture Notes kb Module Stokess theorem and applications Lecture Module Name Download.

Design of Steel Structure - DSS Study Materials

Atomic Structure,Interatomic Bonding and structure of Crystalline solids. Mechanical Properties of Metals. Dislocations and Strengthening Mechanisms.

Applications and Processing of Metals and Alloys. Applications and Processing of Ceramics. Applications and Processing of Polymers. Web Pages-Corrosion and Degradation of Materials. Corrosion and Degradation of Materials.


Web Pages-Electrical Properties. Web Pages-Magnetic Properties. Web Pages-Optical Properties. Multiple Choice Questions-Introduction. Multiple Choice Questions-Imperfections in Solids. Multiple Choice Questions-Diffusion.

Multiple Choice Questions-Phase Diagrams.

Multiple Choice Questions-Composites. Multiple Choice Questions-Electrical Properties. Multiple Choice Questions-Thermal Properties. Construction Planning and Management Design of Concrete Structures Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures Design of Steel Structures Design of Steel Structures I Design of Steel Structures II Engineering Geology Environmental Air Pollution Finite Element Analysis Finite Element method for vibration and Stability analyses Fluid Mechanics Foundation Analysis and Design Foundation Engineering Geo-informatics in Transportation Engineering Geosynthetics and Reinforced Soil Structures Geosynthetics Engineering: In Theory and Practice Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Global Positioning System Ground Improvement Techniques Ground Water Hydrology Hydraulics Infrastructure Planning and Management Introduction to Engineering Seismology Hydrological Measurements and Analysis of Data Introduction to Transportation Engineering Mechanics of solids Modern Construction Materials Modern Surveying Techniques Earth Sciences for Civil Engineering Engineering Graphics Series of functions.

POM-NPTEL Lecture Notes

Limit of scaler fields. Continuity of scaler fields. Partial derivatives.

Chain rules. Implicit differentiation. Gradient of a scaler field.

Transport Phenomena (UG).pdf - NPTEL Chemical Engineering...

Tangent plane and normal. Mean value theorem and Linearization.

Maxima and Minima. Double integrals over rectangular domains. Triple integrals.

Change of variables. Vector fields and their properties.

NPTEL Handwritten Notes « Sohail Ansari

Gradient Divergence and Curl. Curves in space. Line integrals. Fundamental Theorems of Calculus for Line integrals.

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